XL Super Display Height Folding Table Risers / Extenders

For customers who need a super display height, we created as an answer to demand, at set that raises a folding table to the maximum height of 48.” While there is slight compromise to the stability of the table, for 100% of customers who have purchased this product, it meets their expectations. Sold to street fair vendors, artists, taller folks, and some NBA Teams, it makes sure you can achieve maximum visiabiltiy for your products, lifts equipment to the proper height, achieves a more appropriate standing desk height for taller individuals (over 6’2″), etc.

Note: This set will only fit tables with a bend in their leg design. We also refer to this design as a “wishbone” design. For folding tables with “T” or “H” designed legs, this set will NOT work with your table – please see our listing for the “Straight Leg Kit”. (To insure you are choosing the correct riser for your style table, please check the “Yes” “No” photos on the listings or quickly contact us if you aren’t sure.)