The idea for our folding table riser products all started with another company that we owned: a catering business. Most folding tables are designed for banquet height, which is about 29-30” above the ground. It’s usually the perfect height for sitting and eating.

Other benefits of folding tables is that they’re pretty inexpensive and can be repurposed for a variety of uses. As caterers, we often used them for preparing the food. The problem was that the right height for eating is not the right height for standing. Our workers had to crouch down to work, which hurt their backs.

We couldn’t find anything commercially available to lift up the tables and keep them sturdy, so we developed our own. They’re portable, easy to use, and come in several different heights. We discovered that all kinds of people need to lift up their folding tables so they can work comfortably and protect their backs.


Safety managers use them in their warehouses to help prevent back strains and sprains and reduce OSHA recordables and worker’s comp claims.


Retail managers use them to help their back-of-the-house employees like receivers to save their backs. And during COVID-19, to create easily-seen barriers to protect their front-of-house workers too.


Also during COVID-19, people working from home need to create sit-stand desks so they don’t have to sit down all day, which is bad for human health.


We found that DJs appreciate the risers so they can work comfortably while traveling around to all their gigs. 


At Lift Your Table we love dogs, especially our pooch Bunny, and we found out that some dog groomers use folding tables for their work.


Home crafters often repurpose their folding tables too. Whether it’s quilting, sewing, woodworking, or other hobbies, they save money by lifting up their surfaces instead of buying a whole new table.


For many people, whether they’re at work or home, being able to stand comfortably instead of sitting brings them mental and physical benefits. Too much time on any seat is bad for your health, and it’s easier to move around when you’re already on your feet. 


Instead of buying expensive new equipment, you can reuse your existing folding tables and still save your back. 


If that sounds good, check out our store to see how you can lift up yours.