If you feel like you’re going a little crazy during these coronavirus restriction times, you’re definitely not alone! This Saturday, October 10 is World Mental Health Day. We looked for some ways that we can all stay mentally healthy right now so we can share them with you! This week music was our inspiration.

Shake it off

There are actually two ways that shaking it can benefit you while we’re working from home.

One is just being able to shake off failures or things that don’t go well. Even though it may feel like we’ve been social distancing for many years at this point, it’s only been a few months in actual time. No one’s been able to iron out all their new procedures yet. Don’t be surprised if things aren’t 100% nailed down. 

When you’re able to let go of perfection, you can actually be more productive. No need to worry about getting everything exactly right, just get as much done as you can.

Bad reviews? Didn’t get the client you wanted? Shake it off!

Secondly, shaking your booty once in a while (or more often) is good for you! Exercise gets your brain releasing those feel-good neurochemicals, in addition to all the good physical things that exercise brings on. 

Shake off that boredom from sitting at your computer all day and get your heart and brain in better shape. 


Get down tonight (with your family and friends)

You may prefer KC and the Sunshine Band, and they’ve also got some groovy advice. Making sure that you separate work from home while working from home is key. Give yourself some end of the day routines to help you switch from work to home, even when your space is designed for both.

Spend time with family and friends, in person if you can. Zoom and other video calls are helpful when you’re talking to family that’s far-flung. You can arrange chairs on your driveway for safe social distancing, or gather in a parking lot where you all hang out in your cars with friends who live nearby.

Now is a great opportunity to spend more time with your family too. Play games, do hobbies together, take the pooch for a walk after dinner. We humans are social animals so the more connected you are, the better you’ll feel.


Just eat it

Not expecting sanity from Weird Al Yankovic? Yet eating well (and making sure you get in other forms of self-care) are key to your mental health. When you eat fried foods, processed foods or those with added sugar, you get more inflammation in your body. Which doesn’t make you feel good physically, and can worsen any conditions you might already have.

Eat well and make sure you’re hydrated to provide yourself with a solid foundation for mental health.


Get up, stand up

Bob Marley is here to help while you’re stuck at home. Your physical health is tightly linked to your mental health, and sitting all day is surprisingly unhealthy. Humans didn’t evolve to sit all day, and our bodies aren’t built for it. The more you can move around, the better.

One easy way to sit less when you’re working is to use a sit-stand desk. If your employer hasn’t provided you with one, you can create your own with just about any folding table you have around the house.

You can also find ways to stand and move more no matter where you are – doctor’s office, DMV, etc. And burn more calories while you’re at it!


Rock the Casbah

The Clash, known of course for their business advice. All kidding aside, blasting some music in your casbah or castle is a great way to relieve some stress. Whatever you like to listen to, whatever you’re in the mood for, let it play. 

Singing is another excellent way to relieve stress. Belt out those tunes while you’ve got them cranked up! (Not too loud to avoid damaging your hearing though.) 

Listening to music and/or singing is an activity that the whole family can join in on. Shake your booty, let it go, do a little dance, and rock it out.


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