Standing Desk Extensions Kit

For many reasons, many people need to stand to work. Assembling, shipping, and packing activities, displaying products at a trade show, or other daily tasks are often a necessity of the work day. Also, health professionals agree that standing provides many health benefits including back pain relief, reduction in neck strain, increase in productivity, and more.

While many experts agree it is beneficial to stand and work, many people cannot switch to a standing desk due to the high dollar value investment OR even because they are hesitant to invest typically a few hundred dollars when they are not 100% convinced they want to stand and work. “What if I don’t like it afterall?”

To address the need to stand and work from a folding table with a low up-front risk, we introduced the Lift Your Table® folding table risers “Standing Desk Kit” so anyone can easily stand and work by transforming a folding table you already own! Featuring a non-slip foot and sleek design, we have made it easy to not only try a standing desk in your office, but to also TAKE YOUR STANDING DESK WITH YOU WHEREEVER YOU GO. 

Note: This set will only fit tables with a bend in their leg design.  We also refer to this design as a “wishbone” design.  For folding tables with “T” or “H” designed legs, this set will NOT work with your table.  Please see our listing for the “Straight Leg Kit”. (To insure you are choosing the correct riser for your style table, please check the “Yes” “No” photos on the listings or quickly contact us if you aren’t sure.)