Standing Desk Extensions Kit

Sitting too long is not healthy. Ergonomic experts believe prolonged sitting can not only affect your health, but it can even be deadly. Many serious health concerns associated with sitting for long periods include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar/diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and even some types of cancer. Other concerns include: poor posture (and resulting back pain), weight gain/obesity/metabolism slow down, sluggishness, and negative productivity.

Introducing the Lift Your Table® folding table risers Standing Desk Kit. A fantastic, budget-friendly alternative to expensive standing desks, this version raises most bent-leg designed folding tables into a full-size standing desk.

Use in your office or take your standing desk with you wherever you travel. Some people choose this product to simply try a standing desk BEFORE investing hundreds of dollars (what if you don’t like standing and working?.)

This version features a rubber, non-slip, non-marking foot that stays put when placed on hard surfaces