As an office worker, you know sitting all day is bad for you. You’ve even got your standing desk ready to go. If your work surface is a folding table, all you need is a set of folding table risers.

But how do you get from sitting all day to standing?

Try a 30-day challenge! Start small at first and increase your standing time as you go. More details here

Not into doing challenges? Try these tips. As always, save your back! When you’re standing, posture is key.

Remember when you’re standing:

1. Don’t stand still!

A rigid posture won’t do you any favors. Alternate putting your feet up on a footrest, so both legs get a break. Stretching is good too. Especially as you’re easing into the new posture! Once you’re comfortable, try doing exercises like calf raises.

Walk around while you’re on phone calls or go to your colleague’s office instead of emailing or messaging. 

The more activity, the better.


2. Take breaks from standing.

You’re likely to feel pretty terrible if you try standing all day! Especially at the beginning. Work up slowly to avoid pains and cramps. You might start off doing more sitting than standing. As long as you’re alternating between the two, that’s OK.

Human bodies evolved to move. The more motion, the better. Standing desks let you be productive even when you’re not sitting. Which is great for you and your boss (make sure you show him or her this article!)


3. Good ergonomics saves your back.

Standing with bad posture isn’t much better than sitting with bad posture. Make sure when you’re standing that you’re straight up. Elbows should be parallel to the floor when you’re dealing with keyboards and mice. Suck the tummy in, just like your mom said to. Your monitor should be right where your gaze is when you’re looking straight ahead.


4. Anti-fatigue mats can be your friend.

Best to save the heels or other shoes more suited for sitting for the days you’re not planning to stand at the desk.

Standing is fatiguing even in comfy shoes, if you do it for long periods of time. These mats cushion your feet, letting you stand longer.


Are you enjoying being able to stand more at your desk? Have you found yourself to be more productive? 

Share how you’re doing with your standing desk in the comments!