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Spinning turntables on top of folding tables is life for a lot of our DJ clients. They love to  lift up the surface of their tables with our risers so they’re not straining their backs for the whole set. If you want to see a DJ and our risers in action, check out our friend Har Megiddo who was so thrilled to find our risers, he made this video for us for FREE on YouTube here!

Now, you can DJ if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, because your friends don’t spin and if they don’t spin, well they’re no friends of mine… 

We’ve got some Safety tips to keep DJs healthy and free from pains and strains of all kinds!


S (Slips)

There’s not a whole lot you can do about drunk customers spilling their drinks on the floor. However, you can put a splash guard on the front of your console to help prevent them leaning over your equipment, drink in hand.


A (Amperes)

High decibels mean hearing loss, so plenty of DJs wear earplugs. This might make it harder for you to hear how loud it is in the room you’re playing, so watch your LED meters to gauge the volume.


F (Flashlights and other lights)

Clubs tend to have badly lit rooms and hallways, so make sure you’ve got a light source with you when you need to exit after your set or hang out for the afterparty.

If you work with lasers, make sure you set them high enough so no one will be looking right into them. Otherwise it could cause eye damage. 


E (Electric shock)

Getting zapped is a lot less fun than the electric slide, or even the macarena. Check your cables for cuts and wear before you head out to the party. 

Got gear rattling inside due to a loose component? Don’t use it.

Another great way to avoid shock is to bring two residual current devices (RCDs) with you. One works for your lighting, and the other for your sound equipment.


T (trips and falls)

Taping down cords and removing any other trip hazards when you can will help you avoid tripping and falling. Stash your stuff under the table or against the wall so it’s not blocking your path.


Y (Your back)

Use your legs when you’re lifting heavy equipment. Otherwise it’s too easy to strain your back now. Not to mention end up with back or other joint problems later on. 

No stairs at the venue? Lucky you! Take a small cart to transport your gear and keep your back safe.


Will you be working at a folding table? Bring along a set of easy-to-install folding table risers to lift up the surface so you don’t end up with back strain during and after your set.

 Stay safe and party on!

Lift Your TableⓇ… SAVE YOUR BACK!

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