It’s the holiday season and lots of us host parties during this time of year. Fortunately there are ways to keep you, your party helpers, and guests safe!


1. Safety-proof your house beforehand

Pretty much everyone loves a party! And some people are probably going to party a little too hard, in all honesty.

Don’t leave things out that could easily be knocked over. If you have cords where people might be walking, tape them down. Make them visible to avoid trips and falls. 

Enjoy candlelight? You can buy flameless candles. But if you decide you must have candles with actual flames, set them in spots where they can’t be easily knocked over. Where they’re not close to any flammable material like window curtains.

If you have valuables, just remove them from public spaces! It’s easier to set them out of sight than to worry about them breaking or being damaged all night.

We love dogs! However, they often do best in a different room. One without partygoers. Even good dogs get riled up or overexcited with so many people in the house.


2. Booze responsibly

Serving alcohol? Have non-alcoholic drinks available as well. Water, soft drinks, or even mocktails. Stop serving about an hour and a half before you expect people to leave. This gives people time to sober up before getting back on the road.

Speaking of which, don’t let people who are obviously unfit to drive behind the wheel of a car! If ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft haven’t made it to your hamlet yet, have the number for the taxi service available.

Provide food too! It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that slows down the rate of alcohol absorption. 

You might consider hiring a bartender. They’ll ensure they’re not overserving anyone. If you have heavy drinkers, mix the drinks yourself.


3. Save the backs – yours and anyone who’s helping

Is your catering staff standing around with their hands to their backs? Does your back hurt because you have to bend over too far to pour drinks for your guests? 

If you’ve got a folding table, you can lift it up to either kitchen counter height or bar height, in many cases. Then you and your helpers can get the drinks without strain.

It’s a festive occasion, so make sure everyone is having a good time, no back pain or neck strain!


4. Give peace a chance

A little tongue-in-cheek? Maybe! But try to have places for people to mingle and walk and meet each other. You might have to push your chairs or sofa against the wall in order to create the space. Go for it!

Plan some fun activities. Like the food, this doesn’t have to be fancy. Games give people something to do besides drink, and can help them get to know each other better.


Are you planning a holiday party this season? What’s on YOUR safety list? Let us know in the comments!