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During COVID-19, it’s important for people to maintain their sanity and their health, both physical and mental. It can be tough, especially since it’s been months for many of us staying safely at home. One way to relieve stress is to make sure you spend time on a hobby that you enjoy.


What exactly is a hobby?

Pretty much anything that you find interesting, that requires some kind of either physical or mental activity, that you don’t do for money. It could be crafts such as quilting or woodworking – hobbies are not just for women. 

At the moment, safety means avoiding in-person group activities such as recreational sports, but there are virtual alternatives for things like book clubs. Ever wanted to learn to play piano, guitar, drums? You can learn online with your instrument at home. Or you could learn to dance, play card games, garden, keep bees, make soap…

The only thing you really have to worry about is ensuring it’s something you’re interested in. It’s not going to work if you choose a hobby because other people at work do it, or your kids do it, or some successful person does it. Choose it because you like it.


Why hobbies are important

OK, they don’t fit into boxes such as “work” or “business” or “marketing” or “family”. But hobbies do make life better, at home and at work. 

  • Brain health

Hobbies encourage flow. Active leisure keeps us happy and our brains healthy. Especially compared to vegging out in front of the TV or computer screen.

They’re an excellent way to combat stress, which is key during the pandemic. When you’re working on your hobby, you forget about the nastygram your boss sent, or how difficult your teenager is. You’re absorbed in what you’re doing.

Hobbies also help remind you that you’re a whole person with your own activities and interests.  Not just a “worker” or “parent” or  “spouse”. When things go wrong in these other aspects of life, as they tend to do, it doesn’t destroy your whole identity.

  • Productivity

Want to be more productive? Be more efficient with your time. This may sound counter-intuitive. When you’ve got something to look forward to, you’ll try to wrap up your other activities like checking email so you have the time to do something fun. 

Less time scrolling aimlessly on social media, and more time having fun because you get so much work done.


Hobbies and staying healthy

Doing something you enjoy is great for your body and your brain, no matter what the hobby might be. Handiwork such as sewing/ quilting/ needlecrafts/ woodworking/ glassworking/ jewelry-making/ crafts has additional benefits for your brain. You improve hand-eye coordination and hand/finger dexterity. You’ll also learn to be more patient and persevere when you run into trouble (which is pretty common!)

Step-by-step projects help fight dementia. Having to remember the steps in the right order keeps your brain active. As you know, use it or lose it! Many people find their hobbies help them save money as well, by repairing, recycling and reusing.

In order to stay physically healthy you’ve also got to make sure your playspace is ergonomic. Slouching, sitting for too long, hunching over the table while you work, constantly reaching for something you do relatively are all bad for your body. With proper ergonomics you can stand up straight, have everything within reach, and avoid straining your muscles.


Have fun with your hobby without hurting yourself!


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