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Many of our clients like to craft and sew. Since June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day, we want to celebrate you! The day commemorates the first working model of the machine in 1874 by an Englishman named William Newton Wilson.

As you know, sewing is a relaxing activity… but there are plenty of additional benefits too.


Saving the environment

Last week we talked about sustainability for World Environment Day. When you’re not out there consuming fast fashion or buying a whole new wardrobe, you’re helping to save the planet. 


Saving some moolah

In addition to sustainability, at Lift Your TableⓇ we love helping people save money too! By sewing your own clothes, doing your own alterations, or doing other projects you don’t have to go out and buy new clothes. A needle and thread (and fabric!) are much cheaper than a whole new wardrobe.


Saving your eyes from screens

By now (especially if you’re a long-time reader of our articles!) you know that too much time in front of screens is unhealthy mentally and physically. Hobbies including sewing are an excellent way to put the phone down and concentrate on something else that’s fun.

Your brain enjoys doing things that are purposeful instead of scrolling through pictures and social media feeds. The nature of your sewing projects means that even though there’s meaning to what you’re doing, it’s still a time for your mind to relax and take it easy.


All this saving makes people happy

While you’re engaged in a pleasurable activity, your brain releases dopamine. It’s a neurochemical which makes you feel happy. It’s your brain’s way of telling you to do more of the fun stuff.

And of course, you’re having fun and saving money, Earth, and your eyes at the same time! Who says there’s no win-win-win?


Your brain benefits

As a creative art, sewing helps the brain to grow new cells and keeps the neural pathways strong. Just what you need for an active and happy mind, no matter your age.

At the same time it’s also a step-by-step process, which keeps your brain active. One of the ways you can help stave off dementia is to keep your mind working. Feel free to give your brain a sewing workout any time!


Stay safe while you’re enjoying the advantages of sewing

Hunching over your sewing will hurt your back. Save it instead by making sure you’re sitting up tall. Adjust your table height if necessary to ensure that you’re not crouching or otherwise straining yourself. When you’ve got the right posture at the machine, you’ll be able to carry that into other tasks too.


If you sew or craft at a folding table and need (or want) to stand up, lift your table’s surface to the right height with our folding table risers. Click here to view the whole product line.

Lift Your TableⓇ… SAVE YOUR BACK!

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