Did you know that August 27 is “Just Because Day”? It’s amazing what can be celebrated any day of the year!

But when we at Lift Your Table™ started thinking about it, we realized that there is a whole lot about our folding table risers, customers, and safety “just because”…


We came up with the idea for folding table risers just because

our backs and those of our employees hurt from bending over folding tables for our catering company.


We knew we needed something quick and easy to lift the folding tables just because

…we had to move around to different locations and needed to put them on and take them off without too much trouble, and we had to keep the tables sturdy.


We started our company just because

we couldn’t find anything that met our specifications for lifting the tables quickly and easily.


We began using black pipe just because

… clients didn’t want the white pipe which drew attention to the folding table legs.


We made a kit to make a standing desk from folding tables just because

… customers needed to take breaks from sitting all day. 


Warehouse safety managers buy our folding table risers just because

… they want to keep their workers safe and healthy with no soft tissue damage.


We write on our blog about things that aren’t always about our table risers just because

… we like to explore other ways for clients to be safe


Retail managers buy our folding table risers just because..

… they don’t want their workers hunched over tables folding and packing OR

… they want to keep front-line workers safe during COVID-19 by protecting their workers from customers getting too close to them.


And we write about our dog Bunny just because

…we can. Who doesn’t want to feature their pets on their blog?


Quilters buy our folding table risers just because

… special quilting tables are expensive and with our risers they can quilt comfortably.


We write about getting more movement in your day just because

… it’s good for your back and we’re all about saving your back.


DJs buy our folding table risers just because

… they need equipment they can set up fast and easily.


We developed different heights for our folding table risers just because

… some clients needed a standard kitchen-counter height of 36 inches, some needed bar height of 42” or something in between 36” and 42”, and some needed even higher support at 48”.


Dog groomers buy our folding table risers just because

… they love dogs, just like we do, and their backs, just like we do.


We created a set for straight leg tables just because

… our clients asked for them.


People who work in offices (like attorneys and accountants) buy our folding table risers just because

… they have plenty of paper they need to work with and prefer not to keep bending over to look at the documents.


Why do you work in your business? Let us know your “just because…” in the comments!