Folding Table Leg Extender Size Chart

Whether you are working in a warehouse, office, or a workshop, standing throughout the day is important. Our folding table height risers allow you to convert your existing table into a standing workspace. This eliminates the awkward angles that put a strain on your back. We make our products using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure that the structural integrity of your table remains intact. At Lift Your Table, we offer table leg extenders in various sizes and styles to make sure that you find the pair that works best with your folding table. Consult our folding table leg extender size chart to pick the right set.

Types of Folding Tables

Whether your folding table has a bent or straight leg design, we have options for you. If you are using a table with a bent or ‘wishbone’ leg style, our bent leg compatible folding table leg extenders are a perfect choice. We design these models to contour the legs’ shape and ensure the structural integrity is intact. This model comes in various sizes including 36” (standard height), 42” (bar height), or an adjustable option that can seemingly transition between the two. If you are looking for something even taller, opt for our 48” (super display height) option.

If you are rocking a folding table with straight legs, our straight table leg kit is for you. Lift Your Table is one of the few manufacturers that offer a standing solution for this table leg style. Our straight leg riser model comes in the standard height (36”).

Our folding table leg extender compatibility chart will help you see which model is best for your situation.

Along with style information, our folding table leg extender size chart can help you decide what height is best for you.


Our standard height table leg rise is 36” tall, which for most people hits somewhere around or under the waist. It is around the average height of a kitchen counter. This is a comfortable height to perform a variety of tasks such as crafting, sewing, or display a trade show demonstration.

Bar Height

If you are looking for something a little taller, go with our bar height (42”) option. The product gets its name because it is roughly the average size of a bar. This height is ideal as a working desk. Additionally, users can easily lower the bar height model to 36”.

Check out our folding table leg extender size chart to determine which model is best for you.