Keep Your Happy Hobby From Hurting You At Home

During COVID-19, it’s important for people to maintain their sanity and their health, both physical and mental. It can be tough, especially since it’s been months for many of us staying safely at home. One way to relieve stress is to make sure you spend time on a hobby that you enjoy.

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3 Keys to Heart Safety for National Heart Month

Are you keeping your ticker in tune while working from home? It’s sometimes hard to remember the basics when you’re juggling home and work. But your family needs your heart! You already know to lose weight if you’re overweight, move around, get enough sleep, stop smoking. But what else can you do to keep it healthy?

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At a desk? How much do you need to move during the day?

You know, if you’ve been reading us regularly, that sitting is bad for your health! According to the New York Times, people who move least and sit most during the day (sedentary) have a 260% higher likelihood of premature death, compared to the least sedentary.

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Quilt? Craft? Wrap Gifts? We Appreciate You!

We’re a big fan of all our clients, especially our crafty friends and colleagues! If you’re handmaking your gifts with love this holiday season, or wrapping up those presents with love, we wanted to send a little love your way this week.

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8 Weird Tricks to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season… and Beyond!

Everyone knows they need to eat nutritious food, move their behinds, and get enough water and sleep. If you’ve been reading our articles, you’ve definitely seen it from us! But are there other, maybe less well-known ways to get and stay healthy? Yes! Some of these might seem counterintuitive but they do work.

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7 Things To Do TODAY To Help Prevent Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month. Not only do we want to stay well ourselves, but we want our clients to do so also! You might know there are two kinds of diabetes. Those with Type 1 aren’t able to make any insulin, and it’s thought to be an autoimmune disorder. Also called juvenile diabetes, the symptoms may appear in childhood or later and develop very quickly. Only about 5% of diabetics are Type 1. Those with Type 2 diabetes create enough insulin but don't process it properly. Type 2 appears over a period of time, and sometimes people who have it aren’t aware of it. Risk factors include excess weight and inactivity, so you can take steps (sometimes literally!) to prevent it.

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It’s All About the Healthy Living!

This week we’re celebrating that October is Health Literacy Month. Not just about health, but having information that people can understand. We do our best to make sure that when we’re writing about health topics, we make it fun if we can and understandable at the very least. (Just check out last week’s post about staying sane during the coronavirus!)

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Stay Sane While Working From Home

If you feel like you’re going a little crazy during these coronavirus restriction times, you’re definitely not alone! This Saturday, October 10 is World Mental Health Day. We looked for some ways that we can all stay mentally healthy right now so we can share them with you! This week music was our inspiration.

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