Who’s Your Business Inspiration?

As a certified minority- and woman-owned (WBENC) business, we at Lift Your TableⓇ folding table risers look not only to the past for business leaders, but also to the present (and future). We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with other entrepreneurs and businesses, because the world is one of abundance. We don’t believe in hoarding, because a rising tide lifts all boats!

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13 Safety Tips for Dog Groomers

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and lots of people consider grooming an important part of pet ownership. We do - that’s our Heinz-57 breed Oakley up there on the table! There are a lot of potential safety issues when it comes to grooming our beloved pets. We found some tips and tricks for everyone to stay bite and injury-free while you’re clipping the hounds.

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Keep Your Happy Hobby From Hurting You At Home

During COVID-19, it’s important for people to maintain their sanity and their health, both physical and mental. It can be tough, especially since it’s been months for many of us staying safely at home. One way to relieve stress is to make sure you spend time on a hobby that you enjoy.

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3 Keys to Heart Safety for National Heart Month

Are you keeping your ticker in tune while working from home? It’s sometimes hard to remember the basics when you’re juggling home and work. But your family needs your heart! You already know to lose weight if you’re overweight, move around, get enough sleep, stop smoking. But what else can you do to keep it healthy?

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6 Healthy Goals for 2021 That Everyone Can Achieve

This time of year is when people decide to get healthy… or discover that they’re already falling off the resolution bandwagon! We’re here to help with achievable goals and to boost you back on to the bandwagon if necessary!

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