As you know, here at LiftYourTable™ we want to save your backs! In addition to lifting your folding table work surface so you’re not hurting your back, there are daily habits that also help keep your back in good shape.


1. Exercise

You probably knew we were going to go here! Strengthening your muscles and flexibility are key for a healthy back, as is getting your heart rate up. And it’s not all about the muscles in your back and shoulders either: working on core, glutes, hips, arms and legs will all help prevent back injuries when done correctly.

You don’t have to go run the Badwater ultramarathon in Death Valley in July. Unless of course you really want to.

Any kind of activity is fine, as long as you enjoy it and can do it regularly. Sitting all day is bad for your health, including your back. Stand up and move around as much as you can during the day too.


2. Sleep

This is the time when the mind and body can do a lot of healing and get rid of inflammation and all the things that are good for your back. 

Most people need seven or eight hours a night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, consider cutting back on the time you spend on screens. Scrolling through social media feeds makes people more lonely and depressed, plus the blue light that screens emit tricks your body into thinking it’s daylight.

 If your bedroom isn’t set up right now for healthy sleep, check out our article on how best to create a soothing sleep environment.


3. Reduce stress

Ever notice that you have more pain when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? The great news is that you can reduce cortisol and lower your blood pressure with a few simple activities, like meditation or yoga.

Plus laughter and hanging out with your friends. Sounds like a good way to reduce stress to me!


4. Nourish yourself

You already know this one! Eat the foods that make you feel better, like greens, vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, protein, and whole grains. Inflammation from overly processed foods and too much sugar causes health problems like diabetes and heart disease. 

It also makes back and neck pain worse, so be good to your spine and eat well.


5. Eliminate or reduce toxins

Seems like everything is sprayed for some reason or another. Chemicals are used on your lawn and in your food, so do your best to minimize your exposure. Find unsprayed food and see if some of the less toxic household cleaners and detergents work for you.


How are you keeping your back safe and healthy? Let us know in the comments!